Website Design and Management

Online Presence Management with LCH-Marketing

Online Presence Management with LCH-Marketing

Creating and maintaining consistent branding for your business is essential to its success. That is why LCH Marketing designs each and every one of our customer’s websites according to their business’s image and attitude. We help you present the right information to the right people in the right way? Your business is a 24/7/365 Gateway to your business. No matter what your budget, we can provide you with the website to meet your needs. To find out how the LCH Marketing can create or improve your existing website.

Search Engine Optimization

91% of people never look beyond the 1st page of Google. Of those 91%, 65% never look beyond the top 3 listings. SEO is essential to exposing your business to those who want to find you. Even the world’s best looking website that cannot be found, is entirely useless. If your competition is appearing above yours in search engines, then you can guarantee that they are stealing some of your business. That’s where LCH Marketing comes into the picture. With our guidance and specialists, we can help you beat out your competition with long-term SEO planning and integration and regain your market share. We detailed reporting and analysis we assure you that your website is reaching it’s full potential.

Online Presence Management

Let’s face it, your time is your most valuable resource and you do not have the time to manage your web presence the way you know it needs to be run. With LCH Marketing, you now can focus on running your business and allowing the professionals manage your only business exposure. We offer complete packages including the design, development, hosting and management of your website, as well as social media optimization, management and search engine optimization. LCH Marketing specializes in managing your business’s online presence. Stop wasting your time and allow the professionals to manage your social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Optimization

Having your business on Facebook and posting when you are running a sale is not enough to be considered social. If your goal is to the reach an audience your topics should be a conversation starter. People look to others for advice, to provide feedback and find new ways of using products and services they may know nothing about. Your goal is to create a buzz, make a topic viral: this will turn your followers into volunteer marketing army for your business! Social Media optimization is your tool for reaching clients and potential clients. If you are not social, then you are losing money. LCH Marketing will work to make your company or service closer to the hearts of people you want to use your services or products.